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  • Baranski meets Strasser

    The Baranski meets the Strasser

    The candidate we are talking about today likes it extra long and likes it sometimes
    dirty. Christoph Strasser is known in ultra long-distance circles as
    six-time winner of the "Race across America" simply the icon...

  • der King of the Lake 2018

    The King of the Lake 2018

    As the course was flat and fast for the first half and it after that
    went into some decent waves, the plan was like this: my wattage
    to keep at the usual level + X until halfway to the
    Hack of the second half...

  • Armpad-Tilt

    Wichtig für so richtig aero ist auch die Auflagefläche der Ellenbogen und Unterarme. Hierzu kann das Anwinkeln der Armpads hilfreich sein.