Shimano CN-M9100 12-speed chain tuned with Molten Speed ​​Wax

Shimano CN-M9100 12-speed chain tuned with Molten Speed ​​Wax

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The best and most expensive Shimano chain of all time, now prepared by me with Molten Speed ​​Wax for your luxury bikes and day X, when every watt counts.

This chain has enjoyed the full pack of tuning:

  • Degrease with several passes of mineral spirits.
  • Then finally cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaning device. With 240 watts of boom and hot water including an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Then there is a final bath in alcohol to remove the last residue of anything.
  • Now the chain is sparkling clean and free of any annoying grease.
  • Swirl in liquid Molten Speed ​​Wax until the hot wax mixture has spread everywhere.
  • Dried and collapsed again. Attention: the chain still needs to be run in for half an hour until it runs really smoothly!
  • The chain comes with a new, waxed “Quick Link” chain lock from Shimano. From my point of view, it's a bit better, can be opened and closed several times and is much easier than the original with the YBN model for 12-speed.

You can find out more about Molten Speed ​​Wax and its benefits here: and

Between you and me: I have yet to have a buyer who wasn't thrilled with the wax and the finished chain.

This model is available in two lengths, see the options 116 and 126 links. The long version is usually necessary when the time trial bike has large blades or when it goes to the gravel bike, MTB and e-bike, where the gear range is huge.

At Shimano, the chains are always designed for road and off-road use and this model belongs to the two top groups DURA-ACE and XTR. But it also works great on those below, such as Ultegra and on other 12-speed gears EXCEPT SRAM AXS and transmission. You can find the chain here in my shop.

You can find my tips for initial assembly here Blog .

If you want to go really deep into comparing different chain lubricants, these tests are recommended, good work by the guys at Velonews in the USA and Zerofriction in Australia:

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