Wattmessung im Radsport und Triathlon
Watt measurement in cycling and triathlon

Watt measurement in cycling and triathlon

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Watt measurement in cycling and triathlon by Hunter Allen, Andrew Coggan and Stephen McGregor.

Do you have a watt meter on your bike and don't really know where to start? The numbers keep bouncing up and down and there's so much new data floating around on the computer display that you don't even know where to look first?

Or are you considering finally getting a power meter, but are you already overwhelmed by the selection on the market and everyone is telling you something different?

Then this book is for you. It is THE standard work on watt-based training and racing for cyclists and triathletes. Without it, you basically don't need to screw a power meter to your bike.

This is now the 8th edition, and I keep picking up the book from time to time to recall things I had forgotten. And some things always seem to me like I've never read them before.

So my tip: if you spend hundreds or even thousands of euros on the technology, you should also invest these thirty euros very quickly. They really help you get faster!

Here is the official part from the publisher, meanwhile this title appears in the spomedis line at Delius Klasing:

Hunter Allen and Dr. In this book, Andrew Coggan explain the central aspects of watt-controlled training. They present various watt measurement systems and evaluation programs for ambitious cyclists of all performance levels and explain how they can be used to optimize training.

Based on performance and fatigue profiles, each driver can identify their individual strengths and weaknesses and train in a targeted manner. Numerous training plans for a wide range of demands and needs enable direct implementation of theory in practice. In this book, cyclists and trainers from various disciplines – from road, track, mountain bike or BMX riders to triathletes – will find scientifically sound instructions for using wattmeters in training and for long-term performance improvement.

The authors have many years of experience as professional trainers and are among the world's leading experts in the field of watt-controlled training. You know how to present theoretical knowledge in a practical and understandable way.

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