DRY FLUID High End Kettengleitstoff

DRY FLUID high-end chain lubricant

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Alcohol-based lubricant for bicycle chains and all other moving parts. For me, this also works great on the plates of Speedplay Zero pedals. Instead of oil, the lubrication works here with solid lubricants and additives, which settle on all contact surfaces and components of the chain before the alcohol carrier substance evaporates, especially on the inside. The advantages are low dirt binding, it is pressure-resistant, waterproof and economical to use. Also "Made in Germany" and by a man who is more than good at something like that.

For me, DRY FLUID is also the best product that is suitable for the after-treatment of chains waxed with Molten Speed ​​Wax, for example, if this is done with a Driplube and you want to save yourself the effort of dismantling and waxing.

Comes in 50 ml with a brush for precise application. That's €49.60 per 100 ml.

Attention: It is very little per pass! A lot of people make the mistake of overdosing on this. Me too at first. But that is not necessary at all. You have to get used to something like that.

You can find more about Dry Fluid, also the miracle cure for bearings that I have here , in the blog .