Mit Molten Speed Wax gewachste Shimano DURA-ACE CN-HG 901 11-fach Kette, 116 Glieder
Shimano DURA-ACE CN-HG 901 11-speed chain, 116 links, waxed with Molten Speed ​​Wax

Shimano DURA-ACE CN-HG 901 11-speed chain, 116 links, waxed with Molten Speed ​​Wax

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The gold piece for everyone for whom the process of waxing with Molten Speed ​​Wax seems too much effort at first glance or who still want to get a taste for it: This chain has enjoyed the full package of tuning and is ready for competition use or that Zwifting in the living room on the expensive carpet.

  • Half an hour on the smart trainer with completely clean blades and sprockets. For once, skew is king!
  • Degreases with several passes of white spirit. By the way, this is filtered and reused by me.
  • Then finally cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning device. With 240 watts of boom and hot water including an alkaline ultrasonic solution. Because people keep asking me something from Allpax.
  • Then there is a final bath in ethanol to remove the last residue of anything.
  • Now the chain is sparkling clean, polished on the inside and free of any annoying grease or similar.
  • Swirled in liquid Molten Speed ​​Wax until the hot wax mixture has spread throughout.
  • Dried and collapsed again. Attention: the chain has to be run in for another half hour before it runs really smoothly!
  • The chain comes with a new, also waxed chain lock.

More about Molten Speed ​​Wax and its benefits can be found here: and

Just between us: I have never had a buyer who was not enthusiastic about the wax and the finished necklace.

And now it comes: Such a chain is pretty much the only tuning part that also makes sense for indoor Zwifting, apart from cheating on the weight, of course! Because less friction loss is noticeable there too. In addition, you don't mess up the couch and the expensive Persian with chain grease.

The necklace comes unspectacularly in a plastic bag with a zip fastener.

You can find my tips for the first assembly here via blog .

If you really want to go deep into the comparison of different chain lubrications, we recommend these tests, good work by the guys from Velonews from the USA and from Zerofriction from Australia:

Attention: Chains are currently difficult to obtain, if this is not currently available here, then go here for the Ultegra version.

And if there is currently something about "sold out", then just ask by email, the new ones are probably in the making and I'm on the roll:

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