The best part about online shopping: You don't have to go outside to do it. I ship with DHL because that works best for end users. Costs are paid by the buyer. But from a value of €100, I will pay for shipping within Germany and Europe-wide starting at €200. A few small parts are then quickly worthwhile. Details on international shipments can be found during the ordering process.

Everyone knows it and I'm no different: From the moment you order something online, you wait for delivery, preferably the same day. And the faster you want something, the longer it often takes. Basically, I always try to send the goods as quickly as possible. You will then receive a message from the shop system to the email address stored there, all automatically. It includes a tracking number.

Attention: Since Corona, DHL has been running at full capacity and even if most of the shipments are with you one or two working days later, it can sometimes take a little longer. Please be patient then. Unfortunately, I'm just Der Baranski and not Jeff Bezos with his own fleet.

For books, I have set up a second option for faster than shipping from the postal product "book shipment".

Special case Packstation: This is a great thing for everyone who is never at home. In addition to your postal number, please always include the street and house number, otherwise the shop system will not find it. And think about the size of the compartments there, because programs that don't fit in there simply go back and that costs you double and annoys everyone involved.