Edelstahl Sohlenschutz für Wahoo Speedplay Zero Pedale
Edelstahl Sohlenschutz für Wahoo Speedplay Zero Pedale

Sole protection made of stainless steel for Wahoo Speedplay Zero pedals

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Speedplay has recently changed its name to Wahoo. The pedals have changed only slightly, and for many riders, the Zero model is the model of choice. You can read why in detail here on my blog.

But of course, you can still tune here too, namely between the pedal body and the sole of the shoe. If it has four holes and is made of carbon, the pedal otherwise rubs directly on it and quickly makes it unsightly or even broken and the expensive shoes unusable. Dirt, watts and friction help a lot here.

Even if you only ride the common three-hole system and work with the plastic adapter plate from Wahoo/Speedplay, it wears out relatively quickly, which among other things only results in a wobbly connection between pedal and plate. This is where your valuable watts go to waste.

This can be remedied by these intermediate plates made of stainless steel, which are only 0.4 millimeters thick, and they neither wear out nor dent, as thinner ones have done to me before.

I've been looking for a long time, these come from the environment of a Wahoo-sponsored professional team, are "Made in Germany" and have achieved peak performance that none of us will ever achieve.

Depending on the sole type, you will need to use the shorter or longer black Phillips screws that came with the pedals and original plates. After that you have peace and a more stable step with good power transmission.

As always with the Zeros, however, regular lubrication of the entire mechanism also helps here, otherwise you will eventually tip over bluntly when you try to click it out. What has worked for me for the chain is Dry Fluid Bike. It's here .

The shape fits both the older plates and the aero cleats which are better for walking and which I would recommend to anyone anyway. In my opinion, however, the dimples are nonsense.

Here for a whopping 19.90 euros, which will also save you your 500-euro slippers.