YBN QRS 12 Kettenschloss für 12-fach Ketten
YBN QRS 12-speed chain lock

YBN QRS 12-speed chain lock

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Quick Release Safety Link by YBN.

This chain lock with a width of 5.25 millimeters fits most 12-speed chains from Shimano, YBN, KMC, Wippermann, Campagnolo and SRAM. Exception: SRAM's AXS chains with larger rollers!

If you change the chain more often, this is my go-to clasp. And especially when it comes to chain waxing , the chain often goes on and off the bike, it only takes a few minutes.

Unlike the big brands, this lock is reusable. It is best to open and close with the accompanying pliers from YBN. With a new chain, I always recommend using a new lock!

It looks like this when moved: https://youtu.be/i9wJgZ_6u-Q

You can find the 11-speed version here . In a bundle together with pliers and Molten Speed ​​Wax there are six pieces.

If you only want to buy locks, you get six pieces on a blister card.

Made in Taiwan

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