Tacx Shiva im #fratzengeballer-Look, die 750 ml Bio-Trinkflasche aus den Niederlanden im 3er Bundle im derbaranski.shop
Tacx Shiva im #fratzengeballer-Look, die 750 ml Bio-Trinkflasche aus den Niederlanden

Tacx Shiva in #fratzengeballer look, the 750 ml organic bidon from the Netherlands

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Here we go, the bidon for my blog #fratzengeballer and this derbaranski.shop. Full of my logos and of course "Der B approved". I've been using the Shiva for over ten years.

This version of the Tacx classic is the version made from biodegradable polyethylene. It will decompose when it comes into contact with a compost heap or a landfill with a microbiological environment. Of course, when you use it, it works just as well as any other drinking bottle.

The volume is of course a whopping 750 milliliters. For me, that's the only true size for drinking bottles and everything else is homeopathic and old news at best. Or have you ever tried to grab a small half-liter bottle while riding at full speed?

The key facts, besides the razor-sharp look:

  • Made from biodegradable plastic, made from BPA-free polyethylene (food safe)
  • Durable and reusable
  • Dishwasher safe up to 40°
  • Large filling opening, easy to clean
  • with recycled material
  • made in the Netherlands.

This is either about one or three of them. Why three? Because the summer is getting hot again, and you can pack the third one in your jersey if necessary. Unless you have this cool bottle holder from Profile Design behind your saddle and one for round bottles in the frame during training. In competition, however, you're better off with an aero bottle. Unless you're always sitting upright and waving to the spectators for hours anyway.

A little tip: When it's hot, try filling it with ice cubes instead of water before you set off. If you're lucky, you'll have something like slush ice with a citrus or other flavor. You can also find various drinks in my shop.

And if anyone else comes along and says: "Drinking is weakness" was yesterday's news and has always been nonsense. So cheers!