Campagnolo EKAR C13 Kette mit Molten Speed Wax gewachst im
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Campagnolo Ekar chain 13-speed, 117 links, waxed with Molten Speed ​​Wax

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Finally, I have the 13-speed EKAR chain tuned with Molten Speed ​​Wax and degreased thoroughly in several steps beforehand. The EKAR C13 chain for the Italian gravel group of the same name with a single chainring comes with 117 links and two locks (C-Link™) instead of a pin, which is great news for all those who regularly open their waxed chain and put it in hot wax to regrow it.

Campagnolo has shrunk this chain to a 4.9 mm width, making it 0.25 mm narrower than Campagnolo's 12-speed drive chain, but it should deliver the same performance and durability as the other Campa chains from Vicenza.

My tip, especially for those who plow their chains through the mud, like I do with my gravel bikes for most of the year: A little care keeps not only the chain but also the other expensive drive components in good shape for a long time. After a muddy ride, simply rinse the chain with water (no jet wash!), pull it through a dry cloth and look forward to the next ride. If the lubrication wears off at some point, I recommend putting it back in hot Molten Speed ​​Wax or using Dryfluid Bike as a liquid lubricant. You can find the right chain pliers from YBN for opening and closing here .

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