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Maurtens Hydrogel 160 packs 40 grams of carbohydrates into this 65 gram sachet. Typical for Maurten is the thick, jelly-like consistency, so that the energy gets into your digestive system and thus to your muscles quickly and without problems. As always, there are no frills on board that could cause stomach irritation. So no colorings, flavors or preservatives. And of course, this product has also been tested for doping contamination by Informed Sports. 

I find this gel to be pleasantly mild in terms of taste. It is sweet, like everything with sugar in it, but not too sweet. You can take this gel before, during or immediately after exercise. The 40 grams per bag are significantly more carbohydrates than other gels. This is worth taking into account when calculating your competition nutrition. And of course also in terms of price.

If you want to know exactly, here are the ingredients:

Water, glucose, fructose, calcium carbonate, gluconic acid, sodium alginate.
One gel has 160 kcal, contains 80 milligrams of salt, no caffeine and even though it feels like it, no gelatine! This product is vegan.

Ideally, you combine Maurten products with each other and, very importantly, you try them out before the competition. Here in my shop, there are also other products from the Swedes, namely gel with caffeine , the drink powder Drink Mix 320 , the new Solid energy bars and the original Maurten drinking bottle . If you have trained beforehand, you can take in up to 120 grams of carbohydrates per hour without them coming out again very quickly.

These ten gels weigh 650 grams, which equates to a price of 6.92 euros for 100 grams. The problem with Maurten, as with all other really good sports nutrition products, is the relatively high price. This can be put into perspective by considering that it is fuel for the day of the competition, which you often work towards for months. And I have indeed experienced many energy flops because I simply ate something that was cheap or was added during the race.

Maurten is a partner of Ironman, among others. Especially in long-distance triathlons, the right nutrition is essential so that you don't end up on a portable toilet or have to crawl to the finish line on your nipples. Numerous top professionals rely on the Swedes' products and are now finishing in areas that were unimaginable just a few years ago.